Catch the Hatch

Bayou Bushmen


A light blue Honda Accord veers onto the pull-out and slams on the brakes. You think to yourself, this guy doesn’t have a chance.  I mean, he doesn’t even have any trout stickers on his back glass.  It is true that I don’t drive a pick-up truck with a camper and, no I’m not sporting a Trout Unlimited or Sims bumper sticker but, you would be underestimating this man.  I’m not saying that I know much at all about trout or fishing the Rocky Mountain rivers but, I possess a key ingredient: Determination.  I do not falter in the face of failure, even repeated and costly failure.  I do not give up on the DIY adventures and hire a guide.  Although, there is nothing wrong with speeding up the learning curve by hiring a guide.  It’s just not my style.  I am too overconfident and too stubborn.  Those may sound…

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