Dewitt Day

Dewitt Day Self Portrait

A. Dewitt Day Self Portrait

Dewitt Day is a true legend among men; turkey tamer, hard ass & bullshitter extraordinaire. He wrote many stories and articles, many of which made it to publications such as Mississippi Safari Club magazine, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation magazine, and Bayou Outdoors. He always signed the bottom,”Just Foolin’ Around, A. Dewitt Day. That somehow stuck with me. You never want to take yourself too seriously and, Dewitt always reminded us of that, not specifically but, just in how he lived. He was always ready to talk and for a kid it meant so much that he was willing to take time with a boy that wasn’t even any kin. He was one of the most unique influences on my life and, luckily, it began at an early age for me.

When I was a boy, my dad took me with him to Goat Hill, Mississippi to the Day’s hunting camp, the Goat Hillton. It was out in the middle of nowhere, which was perfect for a redneck turkey camp. I remember the smell of campfire, whiskey and the sound of about a half-dozen or so Hoot Owls congregated around Dewitt as he gave his best Owl mating call, which was pretty damn good judging from all the love-sick Hoot Owls that were competing for him. More of my memories are from around camp those 2 and a-half days than the hunting. I remember catching a yellow bird that was trapped in the cab of an old truck and scratching around on a slate call made from a turtle shell that Dewitt had given me. He didn’t know it when he gave it to me but, that was my first turkey call and the symbol of the memory of a man I will never forget. He was a brilliantly creative architect by trade but, most known as a prolific conversationalist and the type story teller that is rarely found today. One of the biggest disappointments in life for me was when I realized that I didn’t have that same story-telling gene that I admired in Dewitt Day. When he told stories, you listened as if it were undiluted truths of life but, in reality they were mainly for entertainment. That is not to say his stories didn’t relay truth or inspire excellence. They did but, they didn’t have to be word-for-word real-life accounts to accomplish that. They relayed truth in their concepts and morals and were damn funny. He had experienced so much in his life that was extraordinary that it was impossible to discern between fact and fantasy. But, no one really cared about that in the first place. We were always too caught up in the fun of it all.

This page is a place where the sons, biologically or in spirit, of A. Dewitt day can honor his life and legacy.

The Truth

Me with a gobbler that Byrom Day killed.  Dad & I happened to be only about a hundred yards away, just down a ridge, when Byrom killed the bird.

Me with a gobbler that Byrom Day killed. Dad & I happened to be only about a hundred yards away, just down a ridge, when Byrom killed the bird.

Cole at Goat Hill