1-2 Texas KO

Back to back bruisers.
Back to back bruisers.

After a bunch of good bucks on camera in my favorite LA honey holes 3 weeks in the trees had started proving futile, since all my big boys decided to go completely nocturnal on me. With an upcoming turnaround at work about to start I decided to pack it up for a long weekend and try my luck about 500 miles to the west.

Friday morning brought just about the best conditions a hunting man can ask for. Cool crisp air, a waxing crescent moon, and a calm breeze. Death was in the air!

tx bow stand

As the sun crept over the beautiful Texas hills the sound of crashing antlers funneled down the draw! The big boys were ready for some fighting! The first clinking of the rattling horns brought in some willing customers, but they weren’t the bruiser I new roamed these hills. About the time the young bucks were out of sight a buzzing in my pocket alerted me to a picture of a bloody arrow followed by ‘dude just rattled in a freakin monster!’…Oh man it was on!

A short time latter I arrived at the rendezvous point to see my best friend and undoubtedly life long hunting buddy pacing back and fourth like a mad man.

“Dude, I made a few rattle sets and all of a sudden the sound of hooves stomping the ground came to within 10 yards behind me” After an adrenaline pumping knee buckling eternity the bruiser gave him a shot! Although not completely sure of the placement the broken back ¼ of the arrow, the giant left behind, was covered in rich dark bloody goodness.

One of our many rattle sets of the season in Texas.
One of our many rattle sets of the season in Texas.

A great close encounter and blood letting story of a giant white tailed bruiser was followed up by some re-insuring words and back into the brush we went. It was my turn and the day was young. “Cole we’re not going to look for your buck until you rattle me in a big one”…”rogger that buddy”.

A short distance up a live oak draw found us on top of a knoll. “This looks like a good spot bud..start clinking” with the cool breeze in our face and the morning sun beams at our back the first rattle set began. Before the first rattle set ended my heart started pounding! “Cole Big Buck running down the hill right at us!” Here he came like a banshee on a war path. Two trails split the knoll he had to go down one or the other. “Cole range the tree on the right”…”37 yards”…”Cole range the tree on the left”…”41 yards”…”Holly Crap you can stop ranging!” Here he came right at us; this big nasty boy was getting the top pin! He didn’t need to go around us, He wanted to fight! About 3 of the most adrenaline pumping seconds later the rage was released! Swackkkk! Perfect placement right behind the shoulder!

After a nerve exciting few minutes we had our hands on Cole’s buck. He was a bruiser! The broken half of the arrow was logged firmly in the top ventricle of the big boys’ heart and he was pilled up 60 yards from the shot! The wide thick chocolate horns made for an absolute trophy!

Cole with his Texas Pope & Young Buck scored 142 inches.
Cole with his Texas Pope & Young Buck scored 142 inches.

After some bear hugs and high fives it was off to look for mine. We had seen the shot hit perfect right behind the front shoulder but we had also observed a little bit too much arrow sticking out for
comfort. We knew I had squared a rib and watched him disappear into a pile of brush but we were taking no chances. With the Hoyt knocked up I crept in were he had disappeared only to have my heart drop when all that lay on the ground was a little bit of blood.

Matt's two-for-one bow kill.
Matt’s two-for-one bow kill.

Drop by drop we followed the weak tear drops of blood on hands and knees, cactus and thorns, for over 200 yards. With the trail getting thinner and thinner and the negative thoughts creeping into my head it wasn’t looking good. “Man did I get any penetration, how far was the
arrow really sticking out, did the blade make it far enough to get lung, oh man is it possible this deer could survive?” Hope was dwindling until well ahead of me Cole shouted “hey bra I got good
blood”. As I inspected the conglomerated blood splatter it was clear the buck had rested here but where did he go? Why isn’t he laying dead right here? Shit Matt don’t let the doubt creep into your mind stay focused. Laying my bow down next to the last good blood I was back on the ground like a blood hound connecting the dots with ever so tiny red droplets. I came almost all the way around the brush top when a twig snap caught my attention.

Matt's 126 inch P&Y trophy!
Matt’s 126 inch P&Y trophy!

There he was 5 feet from my face sitting up staring through my soul! Now I have experienced some crazy emotions through my numerous adventures a field, but brother let me tell you what; when you have a huge wounded very much alive monster buck with 9 razor sharp daggers, that you now you have to kill, staring at you 5 feet away…that is a hole new emotion!

What happened next was a blur of adrenaline and arrow slinging!

When I got back to my bow the bruiser was on the move. Exploding out of the brush top he ran about 40 yards and looked back. By this time another rage was in the air on a path for destruction. Swaack! “Shit! To far back.” The second war head had deflected and hit just in front
of his hind quarter unzipping his intestinal track but definitely not slowing him down! As the buck bolted over the hill I was hot on his trail. Like an Indian warrior running down his prey I knocked a third arrow as I crept to the top of the hill.

There he stood battle worn and mortally wounded 30 yards ahead. All I could see where the tops of chocolate daggers. I knelt down to observe his next move peering through a tunnel of brush when all of a sudden an unmistakable white patch of fur appeared. “Last arrow Matt now or

The final arrow was tipped with a hard hitting, brush cutting G5, strategically placed in my quiver for just this scenario! Whammm! The furry of sharp steel and carbon slammed into the monsters neck and down he went! With the conclusion of the single most exhilarating moment in my hunting life I let out the loudest warrior cry you have ever herd. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!

panoramic tx bucks

1-2 TX KO unforgettable!